Monday, March 31, 2008

Just Curious

So after talking to Michelle today and seeing what her cute but naughty little blond boys did this evening I am just curious to know WHY do our children misbehave so much when daddy leaves? My own children are just as guilty for acting up when daddy is away. Don't they know that they are supposed to be nice to the mommy who takes extra special care of them when the daddy is gone? If any one can answer this for me PLEASE do so that the next 15 months will go by A LOT more smoothly for me and friends.


Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I have the exact OPPOSITE problem. My toddler? Totally an angel when it's just me. Bring on my husband, and suddenly it's "NO!" and "GO AWAY!" and multiple layers of brat. How about I send you my husband for 15 months? We both win!

Brandy said...

I have the same problem with my youngest she is such a brat when daddy's around and is pretty good for me ... but when you add in the other three sometimes they can be so

Vanessa said...

HI brandy,
Damama said to stop by so I thought I'd see your stuff. Love the colors and what a sweet family picture. I too have posted on the behavior of our lovley children, mainly my youngest.
See around.

Damama T said...

Having their dad gone, especially under these circumstances, is a very scary thing for little ones. Unless you give them the words to use for their fear, it will come out as misbehavior. Encourage them to talk about their fears - as I'm sure you already do, but also talk to them about you own if they ask. Honesty will help you guys pull together instead of falling apart.

And if this doesn't help, email me and we can figure out something else. ;o)

My boys are Army Brats said...

I think that duct tape and rope will work for the first couple months.

You know this time Kirke's only been gone a week but it also was so unexpected. Maybe that's why little blonde boys are being so bad to me? But you witnessed first hand how they all of the sudden turned into mouthy little boys when normally they adore me and do their best to make me happy to me on their side!

I'm good, you know I'll manage, Too bad once we get into a good routine and have an understanding daddy comes home for a couple weeks and we start all over. Regardless, I wouldnt give up those couple weeks for anything!

Thanks for the impromptu girls night!