Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I stole this from That Girl and since I havent posted in a while and it was fun and simple I figured why not.

A-Age: Its really not polite to ask a lady her age (34)

B-Birth date: August 8 gifts are appricaited

C-Chore you hate: sweeping or mopping anything.

D-Dog's name:Piper and Bentley

E-Enter or Exit: whats the question here? do I enter or exit well at some point we have to do both but there are plenty of places I will NEVER ENTER and Heaven is the only place that I will NEVER EXIT.

F-Favorite color: I love Pink and Purple but I love color so sometimes my favorite color changes daily

G-Gold or silver: Gold

H-Hair color: Brown with blond highlights that need a good touch up

I-Instrument: I have serious skills playing the guitar on Rock Band does that count? If not I played the clarinet in school but I bet you 50 bucks I couldnt remember a single thing about it though.

J-Job Title: Stay at home mom / wife - daycare provider to two other small children who call me mommy somedays its cute some days NOT SO MUCH.

K-Kids: No thanks! LOL I have 4 and if thats not enough I take others in M - F for fun or payment.

L-Living arrangements: Live with my 4 kids I think I have a daddy for them but he's been gone so long I am beginning to wonder if he really is in Iraq or if he didnt decide that this zoo was too much.

M-Monkey or Moose: Monkey

N-Nickname: Babe, Honey, and mom

O-Odd thing about you: I dont think theres anything odd about me I feel completely normal all the time.

P-Pet Peeve: Don't get me started, I might not shut up.

Q-Quote from a movie: Frankley my dear I dont give a dam.

R-Right/Left Handed: Right

S-Siblings: 1 sister 2 brothers - 3 sister in laws and 1 brother in law now ask me if like any of them lol no seriously I think I like them all but maybe 1.

T-Time you wake up? 6:27 yeah that's AM

U-Underwear: I have some

V-Veggie you dislike: Im gonna go with most of the green ones.

W-What makes you run late: Having a certain time I need to be somewhere ... lol.

X-X-Rays: I've never had an xray oh wait the take xrays for your teeth right then just my teeth then.

Y-Yummy food you make: fried chicken, baked ziti or stuff shells.

Z-Zoo Animal: Elephants