Monday, March 31, 2008


So tonight after we got our rowdy kids in bed my husband who is usually very smart did the absolute dumbest thing a man could do, then did it again so I could take pictures I guess thats proof that he loves me. I could blog about it but I think the pictures do a much better job. Enjoy!

Just Curious

So after talking to Michelle today and seeing what her cute but naughty little blond boys did this evening I am just curious to know WHY do our children misbehave so much when daddy leaves? My own children are just as guilty for acting up when daddy is away. Don't they know that they are supposed to be nice to the mommy who takes extra special care of them when the daddy is gone? If any one can answer this for me PLEASE do so that the next 15 months will go by A LOT more smoothly for me and friends.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Megan and her Michellism's

So I have this friend Michelle who is totally the funniest person I know, she has all these saying that just crack me up well my youngest daughter who is 3 has decided that she wants to be just like Michelle. It all started about a month ago when we were in Best Buy standing in line we had the following discussion which had me in stitches....

Megan: I want McDonalds for dinner.
Mom: Baby were not going to to McDonalds.
Megan: Where are we going?
Mom: Oh we're going crazy thats where we're going.
Megan: NO! We cant eat crazy!

It just came out of the blue noone provoked this conversation she just stood there in the shopping cart with this look like you cant fool me mom she just floored me and had me laughing.

A few days later we were at home and I was praising her for being a big girl and using the potty and she just looked at me and said " You're freaking me out!" So now I know dont praise her for going potty it freaks her out .... thanks sweetie.

Then there's tonight .... lets set the scene for you its me and my husband and my 2 daughters here at home tonight were getting them ready for bed things are going well no fits, no pleading for just 5 more minutes Im thinking this is gonna be an easy night HA guess that was my first mistake. We are up stairs tucking them in hugs kisses see you in the morning I love you goodnight we are outta there. Hubby and I get down stairs sit down on the couch and barely get the TV on when what do we hear the pitter patter of 3 year old feet NOOOOO! So she drinks her water and its time for to go back to bed and low and behold she has to come up with something to make us laugh just to get more time out of bed. Heres what transpired for the next 15 minutes.

Daddy: Megan its time to go back to bed.
Megan: I cant my legs are broken.
Mommy: Broken? How did they get broken?
Megan: Michelle did it.
Mom & Dad: Laughing - Why on earth would miss Michelle break your legs?
Megan: Just cause
Mommy: Well ok Ill have to talk to her about that - but its still time for bed lets go.

Back down stairs I go and right on my heels is a 3 year old who has to go potty now remember dont praise her for going just ignore her.

Mommy: Megan go to bed
Megan: I cant my legs are broken
Mommy: No they arent you walked down here all on your own.
Megan: Yes they are.
Mommy: Lets go

Taking her by the hand back to bed she screams you just broke my hand .... I managed to keep the laughing in as I put her bed .... guess shes dreaming of new ways to get 15 more minutes tomorrow.