Sunday, June 29, 2008

Costum Parade

This is what happens when the mommies want to watch a movie ....

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Meet the real Army Wives…

The other day while we were at a Tupperware meeting one of the ladies there asked us if we watched Army Wives we all replied “yes, who doesn’t?” She said I never watched before but last night I did and all I could do was cry and it made me think of you guys. I’ll be the first to say I love the show and it does a good job showing some of the things we deal with on a daily basis but just like anything other show there is stuff they have added for dramatic effect. So I would like to introduce you to the real army wives.
Right now my circle of close friends includes Michelle and Amber, they are the ones I have asked to be my kid’s guardians if something happens to me while my husband is deployed or to hold my hand in the event bad news comes my way.
Meet Michelle - she has been an army wife for 9 years this is her second deployment. She has two cute blond boys who keep her VERY busy and entertained. She’s a full time student on top of being a wife and mom. She is just a couple weeks away from getting her degree … we are so proud of you for finding the time to pursue your dreams while dealing with life. She is our comic relief, she’s the first one to crack a joke when things start to get too serious. She has taught me that life doesn’t have to be so serious all the time. I thank God that I sat on that bench 2 years ago.
Meet Amber – she has been an Army wife for a little over a year, but was previously a Marine Corps wife but her hubby wanted a change and here they are. This is her first army deployment and she is taking each day as it comes just like the rest of us. She has two cute little girls who are her world. Amber is our serious friend who we are trying to corrupt into being less serious trust me we will … we have made HUGE strides so far. (I’m sure it’s more Michelle’s influence than mine) She is currently trying to quit smoking and Michelle and I are happily supporting her in this goal. Neither of us smokes so we like to sing a little song we call the Lung Cancer song to her every time she smokes. Hmm I wonder if that’s why she’s quitting cause our singing is so bad? The first time I called her I thought her name was Christina so that’s what I called her good thing she forgave me for not listening to what her name was.
Meet Roxy - Ok so her name is really Rosey but we and by we I mean mean Michelle decided that Rosey was too plain for her and changed her name to Roxy. She is our newest friend and has been a military wife for less than a year. Her hubby is a drill sergeant poor thing its like having your husband deployed only he sleeps with you at night LATE at night. Welcome to the Army Life!
We spend a lot of our time together to help keep the loneliness at bay when were together we can’t help but laugh and laughing helps. Our kids play together with the normal amounts bickering and fighting but for the most part they play together well and know they are all in the same boat.
We deal with a lot of uncertainty in our lives and do the best we can to get thru it and keep life as normal as possible for our kids, our husbands who are away, and for ourselves. Some days are harder than others and that’s why we have our friends. Its true what the commercial about Army Wives says 5 women whose lives would have never crossed if they hadn’t been Army Wives. I have met some AMAZING women being an Army Wife and each one of them has taught me something, how lucky I am to live this life.

Heres a slide show of a typical day in life of us during the summer that is...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Knock Knock Jokes

My Megan has learned the fine art of knock knock jokes and all day its knock knock, knock knock, mommy knock knock! It would be ok if these knock knock jokes made any sense or were even funny ok well they are kind of funny. Todays favorite knock knock joke goes like this...

Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Banana Who?
Bananas go in your mouth.

Followed by fits of giggles from Megan ... I guess to a 4 year old it is probably hysterical. I think she sees herself as the next Jeff Foxworthy or something. I’m sure I can find a way to blame this on Michelle too, if I look deep enough.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So I may not be around for a while

So as you all know I've moved into a new house and I'll tell its been one pain in the butt after another. The latest being that I cant get mail at my house cause I live in a brand new housing development and the mail lady isnt contracted to deliver mail to my street, and if I cant get mail delievered to my house you know that I dont have internet either. So since I've moved in I have been boosting internet from the people who live up the hill. Well yesterday I woke up and found out that those same lovely people decided to password protect thier internet so I cant boost from them anymore can you believe that HOW RUDE! Dont they know that I am down here with no internet and no hope of getting any anytime soon. So now I have absolutely no internet unless I drive to Michelles or Ambers house. So until I figure out how to get internet at my house I will be posting very sporatically. So think of me and I will post and comment when I get a chance.

Monday, June 16, 2008


So the plumbing situation is fixed and it wasnt as big of a deal as the plumber led me to believe it was going to be. I had about half a dozen guys here digging a hole in my drive way I have to give these guys credit while they were out there digging this hole we had a tornado in the area so all these guys ran to the house next door which was vacant to take shelter I guess some of them felt guilty for leaving me and my kids here alone cause 2 of them came back to stay with us. As exciting as it was to rush to the basement bathroom that was previously spewing forth all the water and hanging out in there with my 3 kids, a friends baby, wet soggy smelly towels, a still pretty wet floor and my dog nothing happened. I am extremely grateful for that cause I have never been in a tornado before so hanging out in the bathroom with the sirens going off was plenty exciting enough for me.As soon as the rain and sirens stopped they were back out there working the hole they finished up and told me to expect the concrete guys sometime the following week. Seriously this is the hole they dug up and refilled with rock I was expecting my entire drive way to be dug up for this whole ordeal to take days to fix but no they fixed it in one day and if the tornado hadnt slowed them down they would have had it fixed in a matter of hours.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Joys and not so joys of moving

So I know I have been MIA lately sorry for that I have been busy packing and moving and unpacking to my new house.

So moving was a challenge due to the fact that rental truck I reserved was rented out to me and another person and it was a first come first serve basis so needless to say I got a 14ft truck instead of a 24ft truck but no worries it all worked out well. My friends pitched in and helped me out have I told you how awesome my friends are? We made several trips with 3 mini vans and a 14ft moving truck but we managed to get everything moved in with no major problems. Although I must admit that I was the brunt of all the injuries during the move I am filled with bumps and bruises but I am no worse for the wear. So we spent the last 3 days living in our house with no problems everything is running smoothly until last night when I decide to do a load of laundry in the washer that was installed prior to my moving in after it hit the rinse cycle my kids coming running up stairs screaming that the toilet and the tub are over flowing and to my utter dismay I run down to find they weren't over exaggerating the toilet and tub are indeed overflowing with a water and theres at least an inch of standing water on the floor I run upstairs and stop the washer and grab towels to start cleaning up the mess. I didn't think to take pictures of the mess but that's prolly a good thing since I could have drown it was so bad. So this morning I call the plumber to come out and tell me whats wrong half fearing that my kids flushed something down there causing the problem after waiting half the day the plumber comes out and tells me that its probably something as simple as the kids flushed something to an animal stuck in there since this is a brand new house that's been sitting for almost 6 months before we moved in. I was totally freaked at the thought of a poor animal stuck in the pipes but fearing worse that my kids caused the problem. Well after 3 hours the plumber comes to tell me that they found the problem and its not an easy fix, in fact its so major that we could end up in a hotel for a few days or worst case they will have to move us. My pipes are crushed and only a trickle of water is getting thru the pipe which is causing the back up. They said the concrete people did it when they laid my driveway and that at 0630 tomorrow morning they will be out here breaking up my driveway to get to it and hopefully fix the problem. I guess its Murphy's law if it can go wrong it will while my husband is deployed. I'll add pictures as they are available of the mess or progress.