Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So I may not be around for a while

So as you all know I've moved into a new house and I'll tell its been one pain in the butt after another. The latest being that I cant get mail at my house cause I live in a brand new housing development and the mail lady isnt contracted to deliver mail to my street, and if I cant get mail delievered to my house you know that I dont have internet either. So since I've moved in I have been boosting internet from the people who live up the hill. Well yesterday I woke up and found out that those same lovely people decided to password protect thier internet so I cant boost from them anymore can you believe that HOW RUDE! Dont they know that I am down here with no internet and no hope of getting any anytime soon. So now I have absolutely no internet unless I drive to Michelles or Ambers house. So until I figure out how to get internet at my house I will be posting very sporatically. So think of me and I will post and comment when I get a chance.

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