Monday, June 16, 2008


So the plumbing situation is fixed and it wasnt as big of a deal as the plumber led me to believe it was going to be. I had about half a dozen guys here digging a hole in my drive way I have to give these guys credit while they were out there digging this hole we had a tornado in the area so all these guys ran to the house next door which was vacant to take shelter I guess some of them felt guilty for leaving me and my kids here alone cause 2 of them came back to stay with us. As exciting as it was to rush to the basement bathroom that was previously spewing forth all the water and hanging out in there with my 3 kids, a friends baby, wet soggy smelly towels, a still pretty wet floor and my dog nothing happened. I am extremely grateful for that cause I have never been in a tornado before so hanging out in the bathroom with the sirens going off was plenty exciting enough for me.As soon as the rain and sirens stopped they were back out there working the hole they finished up and told me to expect the concrete guys sometime the following week. Seriously this is the hole they dug up and refilled with rock I was expecting my entire drive way to be dug up for this whole ordeal to take days to fix but no they fixed it in one day and if the tornado hadnt slowed them down they would have had it fixed in a matter of hours.

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