Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Joys and not so joys of moving

So I know I have been MIA lately sorry for that I have been busy packing and moving and unpacking to my new house.

So moving was a challenge due to the fact that rental truck I reserved was rented out to me and another person and it was a first come first serve basis so needless to say I got a 14ft truck instead of a 24ft truck but no worries it all worked out well. My friends pitched in and helped me out have I told you how awesome my friends are? We made several trips with 3 mini vans and a 14ft moving truck but we managed to get everything moved in with no major problems. Although I must admit that I was the brunt of all the injuries during the move I am filled with bumps and bruises but I am no worse for the wear. So we spent the last 3 days living in our house with no problems everything is running smoothly until last night when I decide to do a load of laundry in the washer that was installed prior to my moving in after it hit the rinse cycle my kids coming running up stairs screaming that the toilet and the tub are over flowing and to my utter dismay I run down to find they weren't over exaggerating the toilet and tub are indeed overflowing with a water and theres at least an inch of standing water on the floor I run upstairs and stop the washer and grab towels to start cleaning up the mess. I didn't think to take pictures of the mess but that's prolly a good thing since I could have drown it was so bad. So this morning I call the plumber to come out and tell me whats wrong half fearing that my kids flushed something down there causing the problem after waiting half the day the plumber comes out and tells me that its probably something as simple as the kids flushed something to an animal stuck in there since this is a brand new house that's been sitting for almost 6 months before we moved in. I was totally freaked at the thought of a poor animal stuck in the pipes but fearing worse that my kids caused the problem. Well after 3 hours the plumber comes to tell me that they found the problem and its not an easy fix, in fact its so major that we could end up in a hotel for a few days or worst case they will have to move us. My pipes are crushed and only a trickle of water is getting thru the pipe which is causing the back up. They said the concrete people did it when they laid my driveway and that at 0630 tomorrow morning they will be out here breaking up my driveway to get to it and hopefully fix the problem. I guess its Murphy's law if it can go wrong it will while my husband is deployed. I'll add pictures as they are available of the mess or progress.


SgtSudsWife said...

What a pretty house! Don't ya'll think. I know I know don't eer one fall over from seeing me post a comment on a blog at once. I like my friends and I don't want to see you all hurt. Seems I have some time on my hands this week hehe.
So I don't know why Brandy seems to think she got hurt so much while we were all moving she only has a few bruises and she almost lost 2 finger tips while her and someone else were trying to figure out a bike carrier that you attach to the back of a car(sorry bout that)and almost fell down the stairs carrying a box.LOL
I do think though that all in all the move went pretty well.Thank goodness we had a couple guys to help us otherwaise that shrunk would so still be at the old house.
The inside of her house is very nice and she is doing such a good job of getting it all decorated and beautiful for all of her reat friends that will be hanging out there A LOT.

My boys are Army Brats said...

I'm so proud of Amber for commenting! I'll have to go see if she's blogged in a while now huh?

joesroxygirl82 said...

to the upchucking of the pluming first i have to say i'm really sorry for not helping out, but ya'll were zooming around so much i was a little outta the loop...and second...I be hearing ya on the Murphy's Law....I know it all to well! Well if there is anything I can do just let me know, k?

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Hope all is well . . . it's been a while.

Damama T said...

Love the new house. Can't wait for pics... of ALL of it. AACK!! You poor thing. Hopefully by now they've got it all fixed and you are settled in and decorated up. TTFN!