Thursday, July 31, 2008

Best Friends

Megan told me Sunday that Cassidy aka Lil C (Amber's daughter)and Korbin (Michelle's son)were her best friends. That same day we went to Ambers to visit for a little while, while we were there megan and Lil C started fighting over a toy and Lil C decided the best way to end the fight was to rip flesh from Megan's arm bite her. I dont think Megan has ever been bit before so she was shocked that her new found BFF could do such a thing to her. The following day she told me that Korbin was still her best friend but not Cassidy any more cause she hurt her arm really bad. Oh well it was fun while it lasted.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

This is me missing you

Since Michelle posted her song by Carrie Underwood I thought I would search the web for an upbeat missing you song. I found this on by James House its not about the war but its still very true to how we feel no matter what type of seperation the military brings us.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I've lost the battle

I put Megan in the tub started the water and went to get PJ's and towels and shoo the other 2 in to thier seperate showers as well and I come back to this ....

I look at her and ask "Why is there so much water in the tub?"

MEGAN: "I'm swimming see."

Ok I guess thats a perfectly good reason to have so much water in the tub and its really better than the I dont know I get alot around here.

ME:"Are you supposed to have this much water in the tub?"

MEGAN: "No but I need it to swim."

At this point I realized that I have lost this water battle and grabbed my camera.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I want more of this ....

Will some one please fast forward the next 13 months.

Friday, July 18, 2008


I got a card in the mail from my favorite soldier today! Well this particular card had me laughing sooo hard that I just had to share it with all of you.

Price of postage from Iraq - Free

Price of card to wife telling her that you miss you her - $3.59

Forgetting to write anything on the inside - Priceless

Its OK honey I know your busy and pretty tired it was the thought that counts and really it made me laugh so all in all it was a great letter thank you!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Oh the things Michelle says....

So you want to know what me and my friends talk about at 1:00am yeah me either ... not sure how this conversation started but once it did it took on a life of its own ...

Brandy say:
cool beans
omg you so didnt say that
Brandy says:
say what
that ^^^
i'm not sayin it, nope i wont do it
Brandy says:
ok but i have no idea what youre talking about
5 IM"s up
right above wehre i said omg you didnt say that
Brandy says:
i didnt say that
ya huh
Brandy says:
nu huh
you said ____ _____ and then i replied omg you ddint just say that
Brandy says:
i didnt say that
Brandy says:
i typed it big difference
and then you said say what and almsot tricked me into saying ____ _____ but oooohhhh yeah I"m way too smart for that trick little miss tricky trick-a-saurus
Brandy says:
im not a tricky trickasaurus
mmm hmm are too are too
sneaky sneakalotapus even
ewww omg i jsut said that outloud

And that ended that conversation til it was time say goodbye and Michelle started in with good pintos

Brandy says:
good pintos whats that mean
oh you know
Brandy says:
but I dont really...

I guess the blond really isnt falling for it tonight ... and I guess thats what happens when we are sleep deprived! Then Michelle declares I should blog this wierd conversation not sure why? I think she wants the world to know shes crazy?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Amber - The Meaniest Meanie

Amber broke my heart tonight ... I know its hard to believe that someone as sweet and giving as Amber could have it in her but its true she delivered a crushing blow to my happiness today. What was this awful thing she did you ask? Oh it was terrible ... terrible I say! OK I'll tell you but don't say I didn't warned you. Not only did she forget to give me the picture of my soldier last month then she went and lost it on top of it! I told you it was horrible I cried for hours and she could be heard telling me to suck it up and stop its not that bad she was mean I tell ya I'm not sure I will ever be able to get over the pain. So after I finally gather the will to move and go home what does she do she starts taunting me with ice cream I don't have any but she does and shes all mmmmm this good too bad you don't have any. I'm not sure why I stay friends with her .... geez really she better find that picture or bring me ice cream I just may not survive the night with out one or the other.

OKAY OKAY prolly wasn't as bad as all that and I might have over exaggerated a tiny little bit.

To add to all her heinous crimes she just made another friend cry cause she wouldnt go and eat chocolate with her she said she had to do her homework before she would come visit CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT she is on a roll tonight!