Thursday, July 10, 2008

Amber - The Meaniest Meanie

Amber broke my heart tonight ... I know its hard to believe that someone as sweet and giving as Amber could have it in her but its true she delivered a crushing blow to my happiness today. What was this awful thing she did you ask? Oh it was terrible ... terrible I say! OK I'll tell you but don't say I didn't warned you. Not only did she forget to give me the picture of my soldier last month then she went and lost it on top of it! I told you it was horrible I cried for hours and she could be heard telling me to suck it up and stop its not that bad she was mean I tell ya I'm not sure I will ever be able to get over the pain. So after I finally gather the will to move and go home what does she do she starts taunting me with ice cream I don't have any but she does and shes all mmmmm this good too bad you don't have any. I'm not sure why I stay friends with her .... geez really she better find that picture or bring me ice cream I just may not survive the night with out one or the other.

OKAY OKAY prolly wasn't as bad as all that and I might have over exaggerated a tiny little bit.

To add to all her heinous crimes she just made another friend cry cause she wouldnt go and eat chocolate with her she said she had to do her homework before she would come visit CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT she is on a roll tonight!


SgtSudsWife said...

LOL!Wanna talk about mean...I was just sittin here thinking that I have been pressured into a lot of things in my life.Never would I have thought I would be hounded by 2 people(wont mention names) to give blood.Now I know it is a good cause and do feel really good when I give blood.Of course if you knew these 2 people you would probably say to me...why are you suprised?

Damama T said...

You guys are NUTS! LOL!