Saturday, July 26, 2008

This is me missing you

Since Michelle posted her song by Carrie Underwood I thought I would search the web for an upbeat missing you song. I found this on by James House its not about the war but its still very true to how we feel no matter what type of seperation the military brings us.


My boys are Army Brats said...

Much better than the one that made me cry in the car yesterday after a hard day.

AmersP said...

LOL IT made me giggle b/c of all the privates in the mud hahahaha. I LOVE that part of basic LOL. I wish I could go watch that everyday. That wasn't very nice was it... I am going to have to go find my own song to add now that you have all been adding some LOL.

SgtSudsWife said...

Yeah I love this song.Way more happy than that song that Michelle girl put on her blog to make us all sad.Who does that??

Sonya said...

I came to you by way of Michelle and just want to tell you...Please tell your soldier Thank you from us!!! Much love to you and your family!

P.S...Loved this song! I had heard it before and never knew who sang it!

Take Care!