Wednesday, September 23, 2009

WW - Hinder & Saving Able

Every year our post hosts a concert this year was Hinder & Saving Able. I really liked both bands so before my favorite soldier even came home from Iraq I bought us tickets to go.

This year we were all supposed to meet at Michelle's house and then we would all go to the concert together well things didnt work out that way first I could find the shirt I wanted to wear then I found what I was looking for and we were out the door we got to post only to realize I didnt have my ID or my wallet so I didnt have any form of ID at all we had to turn around and go back home so I could get my ID. We get to the concert and were waiting for the gates to open and every year when they open the gates everyone makes a run for it to be the first to get the seats they want this year we decided to send our hubbies to run and get us seats BAD IDEA!! We were very close to the stage which was fantastic but so were about a million other people all pushing thier way to get closer. I was felt up, rubbed against, knocked down, oh yeah lets not forget about the beer that spilled all over me and all this was before the concert started I guess I am getting to old to be sitting trampled on in the front rows.

However being that close to stage I did manage to get some really good pictures!

Saving Able



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designHER Momma said...

ah yes, it is tough being a rock star. The pictures are great though...

angie said...

The life of a rock star is hard.......or so I've heard. :)

Damama T said...

You guys are totally insane! LOL! but you have so much fun! I have no desire to go fight the crowds like that anymore. I'm afraid I'd be in jail shortly after the somebody who spilled beer on me was taken to the ER to have its container removed from his backside! UGH!

Great pics!