Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New and improved but still me ...

Wow time has gotten away from me and I have left my blog unattended I'm sorry and I promise to try to do better. This year has been a year of changes for us so I figured in keeping with that theme I should continue it to my blog as well. I have a new name and layout what do you think? I have to give credit to Michelle for helping me come up with my new name she's usually full of creativity when I'm fresh out.

As I said this year has been full of changes for us our biggest change this year is the Army has moved us back to our first Army duty station in Georgia we were happy to leave Missouri behind us but sad to leave friends behind. We have said goodbye to many of our friends this year, goodbyes are a part of military life but they are never easy but we have soldiered on and are making new friends and reconnecting with old friends.

This was taken our first weekend here I cant believe how fast they are growing up!