Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Taytons Mom

On Sunday night the girls and I went to see Bowling for Soup and ZZ Top. Bowling for Soup was awesome they were very personable and interacted with the crowds they were funny and in the middle of song they would stop and start talking to the crowd cracking jokes, they put on a GREAT show. They sang all our favorites High School Never Ends, 1985, Almost, Come Back to Texas, but they forgot to sing one song and I know how terribly upset it made Michelle that they didnt sing Stacy's Mom. Michelles kids really think the name of the song is called Taytons mom (I wonder where they got that idea from?) They laugh cause they think its funny and probably cool that they say Tayton in the song. So heres to you Taytons Mom!

Ok so in my search for this video I have found out the reason Bowling for Soup didnt sing this at the concert they dont sing it but since Michelle and I both thought they did right up until a few minutes ago I going to dedicate it to her anyways.


SgtSudsWife said...

LMAO!!That is great.

One question...how does MIchelle not know BFS doesn't sing this song?

I had never seen this video before and it is just so so wrong in many ways!I still love the song though LOL.

My boys are Army Brats said...

It's limewires fault that Tayton's Mom was listed under Bowling For Soup so it's not our fault it's some idiot on limewire.

Thanks for the tribute to me brandy and for clearing up why I didn't hear my song. But Hearing 1985 and belting it out at the top of our lungs was so worth it!