Sunday, May 3, 2009

Barbie Has A New Profession

Imagine my surprise tonight when I was wondering the isles of Walmart with my girls and we come to the barbie stuff and this is what I see. Im wondering when Barbie went from the a toy that we as kids loved to dress up to this. I just dont think this is appropriate for my 4 and 9 year old daughters to play with maybe its just me and if it is I am OK with it. What do you think?


Roger said...

Is that the "for a good time call" Barbie?

Elena said... appropriate. Maybe a moo-moo night dress or something. Hello Mattel!!

Lilac_moon17 said...

Even Barbie knows A woman's work is Never done.

Damama T said...

Different perspective, I guess. I remember when my mom got upset because Barbie got a 2-piece bathing suite. For me, in light of the fact that she is obviously just in her PJs, the other perspective would only be obvious to a kid if her parents pointed out the more mature possibilities. Maybe I'm not giving kids enough credit, though. I, personally, wouldn't have a problem giving that to a 9/10 yo.