Monday, October 13, 2008

HH6 Needs a Break

Dear Sirs;

Please excuse my soldier from the rest of the deployment he is currently on. Household 6 currently needs him for more important tasks at home. HH6 needs his superior leadership skills to help whip the army brats currently on assignment to our little outpost into shape. HH6 also requires his outstanding navagation skills to find the miriad of things that the above mentioned army brats have lost. HH6 also needs his linguist skills to figure out what the heck these "army brats" are talking about half the time. HH6 also REQUIRES the softer side of him that you rarely allow him time for like hugs and kisses, bed time stories, evening walks, trips to the playground, hand holding, and just being together.

Thank you for time and consideration into this matter,

His wife or better known to you as HouseHold 6

Monday mission brought to you by painted maypole.


painted maypole said...

wouldn't it be nice if someone took notice and it actually worked?

thanks for playing along with the Monday Missions!

My boys are Army Brats said...

Oh let's send this on and maybe we can have our guys back. I'm so done with the deployment, the brats, the Army basically. Too bad he can't quit the Army. Damn!

Elena said...

I can only imagine as the longest my husband has ever been gone is one month. It sure does put things into perspective! Hang in there!

imbeingheldhostage said...

Oh, what a terrific take on this Monday Mission!! Well done!
Honestly, if I ever wrote and excuse for my hubby to get out of a deployment, finding things is not his forte-- he'd just be helping our military brats lose things :-)