Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend Recap

This weekend just seemed to fly by. I guess thats a good thing the faster the days fly by the faster it will be til My Favorite Soldier comes home and boy oh boy do we miss him!

On Friday we went to Michelle's to have a Super Silly Dinner you can read about our dinner here. The kids had a great time even if they were a little confused but thats all part of the dinner experience.

On Saturday Amber, Michelle and I took a trip to Springfield to do some shopping and on the way there Amber saw a sign for a pumpkin patch so we decided to stop in and check it out. The kids had a great time we picked out a few good pumpkins for carving next weekend, the kids played in the hay maze, and we went on a hayride. We all had left our cameras at home only expecting to go shopping, thank goodness we all have camera phones so we still managed to get some pictures.

The kids and I before leaving on the hayride.

I managed to get all three kids to sit still long enough to get a picture thats never easy to do!

Today I plan to do NOTHING its gonna be a day of veggin out watching tv. Ok, ok so I wont be able to do nothing all day, I will still have to cook and do some laundry so we have clothes to wear next week but other than that my plan is to do nothing and so far I'm right on track!


SgtSudsWife said...

Those pics turned out good.It really was fun.I am glad I saw that sign.

Hannah Noel said...

Ugh I know how it feels to wait to see your man! (Although mine isn't deployed yet-- he just lives forever and a day away from me!). I hope it all goes by quickly!

And I agree with you on the whole father-daughter-dates stuff!

That Girl

My boys are Army Brats said...

Good recap. Glad you didn't mention how Amber got us lost! That might have been embarrassing for her!

mommaof4wife2r said...

i love the pumpkin patch...and the hay much fun!

Melissa said...

I love just vegging out....even better in pajamas!!!
Glad you were able to get a picture of all the kids together...and a good one at that!!

Happy Monday

Honey Mommy said...

Good job getting three kids to hold still for pictures! We didn't do quite so well with one of ours this weekend! *sigh*

dlyn said...

Looks like a great day - fall is so fun with kids!

Melissa said...

TAG, you're it!!! Go check out my blog and join the fun!!

Sonya said...

What a great blessing to have such great friends! And the pictures of you and your soldier....let me just say...I would have spent the day with my tissue box if I hadn't just seen mine! :) I can't wait until your countdown is at 000000000!!!!

Much love and adoration!