Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Things I Cant Live Without!

10. Chocolate

9. Sleeping in on the Weekends

8. Shoes

7. Tom Cruise Movies

6. Purses

5. Stargate SG-1 re-runs

4. Youtube

3. Stargate Atlantis (I'm a sci-fi junkie cant help it)

2. My Kids

1. All will be right in my world as long as I can wake up to My Favorite soldier every morning


Angie said...

What a great list! I was thinking of posting a "A few of my favorite things" list soon, what do you think?

Gosh, how in the world do you get through hubby being gone? Mine just told me that he was going to West Palm Beach for a few days and I can't hardly stand it! Your strength amazing!

Sonya said...

What an awesome list....P.S....I can't wait until you can wake up next to him either! Please, when you get the chance, tell him Thank You from us!!! You both are so amazing for the sacrifices you make! It is just as hard to have them IN the states, but away from you as it is to have them so far away! :( I almost think it is harder to have Roy in VA than it was to have him overseas! I keep thinking, just get on a plane and come home. Not going to happen! GGGRRR!!!!

Many hugs!!! And Many more Thanks!

klynch said...

aww what a great list! love the #1 as well as #10 chocolate!

Lilac_moon17 said...

Number 10 would be way higher up on my list. Especially when hubby is away!!