Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Talk About a Manic Monday

So Monday started off on a good note I had the day off the two older ones still had school so it was just me and Megan at home we took brother and sister to school then went and did some window shopping and headed home for some lunch and I was hoping a nap.
We get home My Favorite Soldier calls woohoo my day was going great. Then a little later I get a knock on my door I answer it and there are 2 men on my porch one is standing off to the side of my door and one is standing at the bottom of steps. I was a little weirded out but not like I was a few minutes later.
The man standing off to the side of the door introduced him self as Agent Boone from CID (CID is the Army's version of the FBI) I was like umm ok I knew that nothing was wrong with my hubby cause we had just talked so I was confused. They proceeded to ask me if the cops had just been here No why would they be I asked? Then they said they were investigating a missing persons and did I know a Jane Doe I was like no sorry doesn't ring any bells, then they asked me if I saw green VW bug driving up and down my road again I was like umm don't think so but I dont really pay any attention to that. (Guess I should start huh) They thanked me for my time and I shut and LOCKED my door I knew very well they wouldn't be knocking on my door for no good reason. I peek out my window and see them going house to house knocking on the doors asking what I assume are the same ones I was just asked. So I called Amber and Michelle to tell them what just happened Michelle and I start concocting up a story of what might have happened.
A little later I was laying down with Megan and was sure I was gonna get a nap when theres a knock at my door again. Surprise Surprise its Agent Boone and side kick again asking me more questions. Did I notice any unusual activity last night between 8 - 12 no I said. Did I hear anything unusual maybe gun shots? UMMMM NO they took down my information and started to leave I asked if I should be worried and they told if they found anything dangerous they would let me know. They never came back so I guess all is safe.
So earlier today there was a knock on the door I answered it and there stood the Sheriff first off let me say this: it was a bad time I had 3 kids all wanting something different from me, I was so not in the mood for any more questions about something that totally freaked me out I looked at him and said what now? He looked really confused and said I was hoping I could count on your vote this election day. First let me say I felt like an idiot then it was kind of funny then later it was hysterical.

Please pray for Jane Doe and her family if she has one that this has a happy ending



Elena said...

LOL! Poor Sheriff. Freaky weird about the other stuff though. Hope it all turns out okay. I'm so glad you had talked to you hubby right before so that you didn't think something was wrong with him. Keep us posted, I love mysteries like this.

imbeingheldhostage said...

The rest of the story is sad. It's wrong that a woman's life has to end so terribly.

Dana said...

Wow! That is crazy stuff. I am also glad that you had just talked to your husband. Official looking men showing up at your door when the man's away is not a good thing...usually.