Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Elizabeth

Elizabeth turned 8 today and we had a very Hannah Montana birthday party filled with friends food and fun. Even the Army gave her a birthday present by letting daddy stay home a few extra days. I guess that's really a present for the whole film but atleast he didn't leave on her birthday and ruin her day!


My boys are Army Brats said...

Yay Elizabeth! I love your kids so much you know that right? I know I seem mean and short with them but I love them so much!

I was so happy to have her party here and you know I love a good party. AND no one even got cake shoved in their face...........although big C making out with the quick chef was close enough, lmao!

I'm here, you know I'm here and will do what I can to keep you balanced and laughing!

Damama T said...

Happy #8 Elizabeth! I'm glad he got to stay and not make you have to explain why he had to go on such a big day.