Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Why cant they follow the rules?

Now you would think that I am complaining about little children but no Im talking about grown men ok maybe not grown but atleast grown enough to know the rules. I am madder than hell right now cause my husband leaves Friday so seriously every minute counts right now and instead of sitting here snuggling on the couch watching tv or whatever we decided to do Im sitting here typing on the computer and my husband is at WORK picking up a selfish little soldier who cant follow the simple rules that most people govern thier lives by. I am sitting here alone while my husband goes and spends his precious free time at the police station bailing out this grown child. I just want to scream! Sorry for the rant but what else can I do?


My boys are Army Brats said...

It's this place. This place does that to people. I'm so sorry that Harry had ot leave and go deal with sh**bag soldiers instead of spending it with you. If anyone even dares screw up tonight I'll go to the jail to handle them instead okay?

Brandy said...

I will loose my mind if someone does something stupid tonight...and Ill let you go all nutso on them.

Damama T said...

GRRR.. sorry about that. I hope the rest of your time with him was more enjoyable.