Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What a way to wake up!

This morning I got up to get the kids ready for school, I turned the radio on and heard that a severe thunderstorm was headed our way so I ran over to let the dog out and then ran up to wake the kids up and before I managed to get back down stairs our power went out accompanied by a loup clap of thunder I almost peed my pants the power came right back on but I had 3 little kids out of bed and down stairs faster than I think even they thought they could move heading towards the tornado shelter. My poor kids have never had any reason to be scared of thunderstorms before but about 3 months ago we had something like 5 tornados touch down all within about 15 - 45 miles from us we had the kids sleep in the tornado shelter that night just to be safe, and ever since that night severe thunderstorms equal tornados in thier minds. I used to love thunderstorms, and even when we moved to Missouri knowing it was in tornado alley I never gave that any thought up until that night now thunderstorms make me a little uneasy too so definately not a good way to wake up this morning.


My boys are Army Brats said...

Shake it off ya big ole baby!

My kids want to see a tornado so bad. No matter how many times I tell them how destructive they can be!

If it makes ya feel any better I called both boys to get downstairs and close to our tornado shelter too when I heard the hail trying to tear my siding up!

Love it here! Or not.....

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

There's nothing better than passing on your storm phobias to your kids. Well done! ;-)

Damama T said...

Tornados scare the he## out of me! I'd more than happy to live on the coast and only have to worry about hurricanes a few months a year. I'm glad you have a shelter to go to just in case.

And Michelle, from both of us: sit on it! shake it off... AIN'T HAPPENIN'!! ;o) LOL!