Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Is bribery really a bad thing?

You know where I am ... the intersection of my 3 yo potty issues and maybe bribery isn't such a bad thing. Yeah I'm so there! (I love those commercials!) I am at the end of my rope with my youngest and her potty issues she's been partially potty trained for over a year and you would think that in that time she would eventually give up this nonsense but for the life of me I can't get her to do her stinky business in potty. I've tried being the patient mom, the mean mom, and now basically I'm just the annoyed and frustrated mom. I've asked her where do you put your stinkies and she'll tell me in the potty then turn around and go in her pants aaarrrgg whats a mom to do? So I've turned towards the one place Ive never ventured before as a mom ... bribery! I pose this question to the masses is bribery a bad thing? Will it teach her to expect a reward for doing the basic tasks in life like Ive always feared? Will work as short term desperate attempt to have her potty trained by the time shes 4? Will it cause problems down the line when I decide that she no longer needs to be paid for doing her business like a big girl? I am desperate at this point and will try just about anything to end this little problem.


My boys are Army Brats said...

How about you set a short term and long term goal. We did hotwheels cars for the big business in the potty and after a week they got to get a "bigger" toy. After that we were went on to explain that they proved they can do it so after that they were in trouble for intentionals and would lose a toy they had earned or something else beloved....(they aren't accidents if it's a regular occurence). So how about you buy some beautiful bead necklaces and give her one each time she flashes.......grrr sorry not Mardi Gras.... er, goes in the potty, yeah thats what I meant! And then after a week, keep a chart, take her to buy a new princess outfit! Yay little Megan!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a little bribery from time to time. I currently am considering buying stock in a sticker factory because stickers seem to be the magic answer to getting my kid to stay in her own bed at night. Eventually she'll forget to ask for them in the morning and we'll have moved on, probably to giving stickers for pottying.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Brandy (Michelle's sister-in-law for MI) I think that there is not one thing worng with a little bribery. I am looking at starting with my 2yo,Carson, and we want him done before we have our next child. I have been helping potty trian my sisters little girl and I used an Icecream treat. They are called "Dips". They are just little bite size and worked pretty good. I wish you luck in the training. And I hope it goes good for me. If you have any ideas for me, with little boys, I could use them.

Damama T said...

At three she's old enough to recongize the urg and at least be able to tell you she has to go. Is she doing that much?

One thing you might try is to take Elizabeth on a shopping trip (with the little one in tow) to buy new underwear. While you are there, you can show her the really neat Dora (sorry Burg Mom!) panties, or whatever she's into right now, and tell her when she starts going in the toilet all the time she can have some, too.

Maybe even buy a pair or two and let her try. If that doesn't work, she may have a problem that needs to be checked by her pedi.

Good luck!

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